The new brings discovery, inspiration and shopping together. is the largest online electronics store based in Ukraine. They sought to refresh the way their site communicated with their customers by seamlessly integrating discovery with the shopping experience.

Like many other platforms of its kind, has a vast amount of different products from different brands on offer. This presented the challenge of finding a way to tell an engaging story about each individual product. Our goal was to showcase products as the consumer would expect, and not as a system would allows us to.


May 2013


UX & Design
Art Direction

Discovery and inspiration within the shopping experience.

On the home page, we showcase a mix of the most popular products, along with links to boards, and product categories. This type of constantly changing content creates a feeling of engagement and discovery for the user. The grid that we developed for is flexible in prioritizing a certain product or groups of products. That makes the content look much more dynamic and creates a unique look and feel for

The product is the hero.

Using templates creates a certain level of limitation. To break these limitations we developed a modular system that allows for unique product pages for each type of product. This opens up the possibility to tell a better story, more effectively inspiring and prompting the user to a purchase.


When we were looking into different ways of browsing products, we wanted the experience to feel tailored - like there was a real person behind the selection of products visible on the website. After some concepting, we came up with the idea of using boards. Curated by a specialized team, these boards facilitate a stronger connection between and its customers by adding a certain level of personalization.