Mobile App for KLM. Designed in mind of the person in every passenger.

At AKQA together with KLM we designed an app that has everything in the right place – a digital partner that gets to know you by learning what you like. Wherever you are in your journey, the app provides the most relevant information and the next best action to take.

The app always keeps you one step ahead, by anticipating the user’s individual needs. Our goal was to design an app that will make every KLM customer feel special and create the feeling that the app was designed specifically for them.


October 2015


Design lead

UX Team

Alex Aistorphe, Sasha Irla, Jacky Sargent

Passengers take flights, people make journeys.

All of your upcoming trips are listed on the Home Screen of the app. Keeping it simple, we grouped all flights into collective trips. If you are going to New York via Paris, and flying back the same way, you’ll have one trip that will consist 4 flights.

To minimize the number of steps for the user, we enable the right information to appear when it becomes relevant. At the time you should check in, the check-in card will appear immediately on the home screen. Upon arrival at the airport, you’ll get the boarding pass card on your home screen.

flights with ease.

The trip screen has a lot of information about your flights within that journey. We needed a natural way to transition from the Home screen to this view without making people feel lost. A nice transition lets the user know they are now on the detailed screen of the trip that they selected beforehand.

Besides important flight information on the top, each flight has it’s own set of cards. This allows the user to quickly scan through how many bags they have, what meal they’ll get, and what seat they are allocated to.


Before managing a trip, you need to book one. Booking a flight on a mobile device can be overwhelming. It’s not always easy to keep it simple when you need to showcase all essential information on a small screen.

To simplify that, we separated the flow into small steps that allow the user to focus on what’s most important at that time. At the end of the flow you’ll get all the details you need before booking a flight.