Touch simple VPN connection app. Protect your privacy on the web with a single tap.

Anchor Free Inc. approached me to redesign their privacy protection app. Anchor Free believes that the internet is a much better place when everyone can browse privately. VPN is commonly used by experienced users, who already know how things work in these kinds of apps.

We believe that we can bring online safety to everyone. One of our fundamental design principles was clarity. The design should be straightforward for even the most inexperienced user. No distractions, no fears. Since the redesign, the app has reached 1 million downloads on Google Play Store, and holds a rating of 4.4 stars.


May 2015


UX & Design
Art Direction

Unblock the world with just one touch.

When I thought about the general UI of the app, it felt right to have the main action of the app on one clear button in the middle of the screen. Tapping this button connects the user to a server that protects their privacy.

The button transitions into a spinner while connecting to the server. Transitions like this make the experience engaging and occupy the user while their request is being processed, making it feel a bit faster. Once it’s connected, it transitions again to a timer. This gives you an idea how long you have been connected to the server.

Experience the internet as if you’re in another country.

With Touch VPN you can experience browsing from your choice of any country’s servers. The control is always present as part of the header, making it easy to access but not distracting from the other interactions on the screen.

To keep the app engaging I came up with nice little feature that set’s up the look and feel. The UI color of the app changes according to the connected and disconnected states, which gives extra feedback to the user. Users will consistently see this across all parts of the app.

Detailed connection view.

Some of our users enjoy seeing a little more information about their connection, so we introduced a connection detail view for this purpose. It’s easy to toggle between views within the navigation bar.

In the connection detail view, a graph helps to visualize how much data has been used since the user has been connected.