Meaningful connections at any work-related event made easy.

Making good connections is great, yet finding a person who is worth your time is not always easy. At busy events where you are not familiar with any of the attendees, one is forced to approach without being previously introduced, and this can be awkward.

However, should you already know some small information about that attendee, starting a conversion becomes a much smoother experience. Visible To Me helps to solve the problem, it enables users to find, understand and save relevant contacts quickly and easily.


October 2014


UX & Design
Art Direction

around you.

I started by creating the home screen which displays all of the attendees surrounding you. I wanted to move away from the expected list view design solution, and create something more visually engaging, something that could become an identity for the app itself.

Displaying contacts in a circular way feels more natural than a list because this is how we actually observe things around us in real life. To navigate around, users can scroll or pinch on the screen.

Single gesture connection request.

Throughout the design process, my main priority was to keep it as intuitive as possible. Performing common actions with contacts needs to be quick and easy. Adding more buttons for these actions can easily complicate the design, and compromise it’s simplicity.

When you start dragging a contact to the middle of the screen, quick actions will appear. Just drop off the contact onto one of them to perform an action. This makes it possible to add connections really fast right from the home screen.

Know about the people around you.

When I design interactive experiences I dedicate a lot of time to thinking about animations and transitions, and how to use them effectively in order to clearly guide the user’s journey through the app.

The profile screen contains succinct, bite-size information about that individual’s background. Using simple transitions and overlays, navigation from the contact’s profile screen back to the home screen is always clear.